Sandbridge Waltz and Slow Air Collection (PDF)

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This collection is drawn from Ken Kolodner's extensive library of arrangements for the hammered dulcimer, developed from his 30 plus years of teaching thousands of workshops.

This second book in this two-book companion collection includes traditional & original waltzes, slow airs, marches and O'Carolan. The repertoire draws primarily from the traditional music of the U.S. (Old-Time), Ireland, Scotland, Quebec, Cape Breton, England, Finland, Sweden, Chile and Israel. Each tune is presented as a simple melody with chord progression along with one or more detailed arrangements offering a wide range of levels of complexity. Backup and harmony parts are provided for many of the pieces. The book is a lifetime resource for players of all levels. Kolodner is widely known as one of the most prominent teachers and performers of the hammered dulcimer and is especially known for his teaching of arranging and backup techniques.

  • Arrangements of traditional and original waltzes, slow airs, marches, O’Carolan and more.
  • Repertoire draws from the U.S., Ireland, Scotland, Cape Breton, England, Shetland Islands, Finland, Sweden and Israel
  • Includes basic tunes with chords and one or more arrangements for each tune
  • Includes standards and many lessor known gems
  • Arrangements cover a wide range of levels of complexity
  • Backup and harmony parts are provided for many of the pieces
  • A lifetime resource for players of all levels
  • Tunes are selected from Kolodner’s vast repertoire of thousands of tunes!

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Bethany Beach (Ken Kolodner)

Black Tail Canyon Waltz, The (Ken


Bonny at Morn (Northumberland, England)

Carolan's Draught (O'Carolan, Ireland)

Caspian Lake (Ken Kolodner)

Clock Waltz, The ("Valse Clog Guillemette") (Joseph Guillemette, Quebec)

Coleman's March (U.S.)

Cowboy Waltz (U.S.)

Cradle Song, The (Scott Skinner, Scotland)

Da Auld Resting Chair (Tom Anderson, Shetland Islands)

Da Slockit Licht (Tom Anderson, Shetland Islands)

Dermott O'Dowd (O'Carolan, Ireland)

Down Home, The (Buck White)

Emma (Finland)

Evening of Roses (Hadar/Dor, Israel)

Fair Hills of Killen (Peadar O'Doirnin, Ireland)

Fanny Power (Turlough O'Carolan, Ireland)

Far Away (Peter Jung, U.S.)

For Ireland I'd Dare Not Tell Her Name (Ireland)

Forvantan (Hasse Jonnson, Sweden)

Gentle Eily O'Carol (Eily Gheal Chiun; Dominick Mongan, Ireland)

Give me Your Hand (Rory O'Dall, Ireland)

Hard Times (Stephen Foster, U.S.)

Ian Robertson (Tom Anderson, Shetland Islands)

Kevin Keegan's (Ireland)

La Partida (The Parting) (Victor Jara, Chile)

Lango Lee (Scotland)

Light Sparrow, The (Quebec)

Lo Yisa Goy (Lay Down your Arms) (Israel)

Loftus Jones (O'Carolan, Ireland)

MacPherson's Lament (James MacPherson, Scotland)

March of the King of Laois (Ireland)

Margaret Anne Robertson (Jamieson, Scotland)

My Cape Breton Home (Jerry Holland, Cape Breton)

Orange Rogue, The (Ireland)

Polska (Sweden)

Prince William's March (English Country Dance)

Return from Fingal (Ireland)

Sir Sydney Smith's March (James Hook, England)

Southwind (Ireland)

Summer's End (Ken Kolodner)

Tennessee Waltz (King-Stewart, U.S.)

Tombigbee's (U.S.)

24th of September (Ken Kolodner)

Un Canadien Errant (Canada)

Waltz of My Dreams (Quebec)

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Sandbridge Waltz and Slow Air Collection (PDF)

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