Possum’s Tail is Bare (Traditional, U.S.)

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Old-time tunes often have such great names! This fun and relatively simple tune offers us a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the following: how to attack a tune phrase by phrase and use ideas from my tool chest (see the intro in The Sandbridge Dance Tune Book and see the techniques video on my web site where I review 20+ techniques/ideas); to nail down the concept of a lead hand and the many possibilities that this hammering facilitates; learn several backup approaches; and to “see” the chord progression in the tune, arranging ideas and backup. Rather than see a collection of notes, hopefully you will see how the chord progression is embedded in the tune. I present lots of ideas here! You can find the words to this tune online.

Here's What You Get:

$38 (Sheet music PLUS video lessons)

Sheet music for melody, backup and variations. Ken talks through the tune, chord choices, hammering patterns, backups, embellishments, arranging, play-throughs, and more on his dulcimer (shot from above so that you can see what he's doing).

Video Lessons Included:

  • Basic Tune
  • Hammering
  • Construction
  • Simple Backup - compact pattern
  • Backup - A part
  • Backup - B part
  • Variations - A part
  • Variations - B part
  • Variations- upper octave
  • Tag
  • Play-through

Approximate length: 53 minutes

***Videos can be streamed, downloaded, or viewed in the Gumroad App on mobile devices. Watch your email for instructions after purchase***

It's like having private mini-tutorials from Ken that you can watch over and over!

NOTE: Even if you already own the sheet music, your purchase ensures that you receive the latest updated versions, and future additions to new arranging ideas, backups and so forth as Ken experiments and develops his playing of the tune.

Thank you for your support - I hope you enjoy the tune! Please do not share your purchased music and videos.

Recorded at Fenchurch Music Studio, Baltimore MD for Spring 2018 Sandbridge Hammered Dulcimer Retreat   

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Possum’s Tail is Bare (Traditional, U.S.)

0 ratings
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