Morag's Waltz (Tom Anderson, Scotland)

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Tom Anderson was the most influential fiddler/composer to hail from The Shetland Islands. He is perhaps best-known for his composition Da Slockit Light. Morag’s Waltz is one of Anderson’s lesser-known tunes, but it is nonetheless just as lovely. The piece serves as an excellent vehicle to demonstrate how to develop a chord progression and that no chord can be viewed in isolation but must be seen as part of a story. In the A part, I use combinations of major and minor chords to create a bass line and a few secondary dominant chords to strengthen the chord movement. The B part is a fantastic example (perhaps the best that I know) that exploits the parallel major-minor relationship in the context of a circle of fifths chord movement. If you want to find out what that is all about, get this video! The tune is relatively simple, but the arrangement is somewhat challenging. Morag’s was the late George Wilson’s favorite waltz:

Here's What You Get:

$38 (Sheet music PLUS video lessons)

Updated January 2023

Sheet music for Melody, Accompaniment, Arrangement #1, and Arranging Ideas. Ken talks through the tune, chord choices, hammering patterns, backups, embellishments, arranging, play-throughs, and more on his dulcimer (shot from above so that you can see what he's doing).

Video Lessons Included:

  • Basic Tune
  • Hammering
  • Chord Progression
  • Melody (A part)
  • Melody (B part)
  • Backup (A Part)
  • Backup (B Part)
  • Backup Play-through
  • Arrangement 1 (A part)
  • Arrangement 1 (B part)
  • Arranging Ideas (1st A part)
  • Arranging Ideas (2nd A part)
  • Arranging Ideas (1st B part)
  • Arranging Ideas (2nd B part)
  • Play-through
  • Practice Track

Approximate length: 93 minutes

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It's like having private mini-tutorials from Ken that you can watch over and over!

NOTE: Even if you already own the sheet music, your purchase ensures that you receive the latest updated versions, and future additions to new arranging ideas, backups and so forth as Ken experiments and develops his playing of the tune.

Thank you for your support - I hope you enjoy the tune! Please do not share your purchased music and videos.

Recorded April 2016 Spring Sandbridge Hammered Dulcimer Retreat

Updated Jan 2023

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Morag's Waltz (Tom Anderson, Scotland)

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