East Tennessee Blues​ (Traditional, U.S.)

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This is one of most widely played rags in old-time music circles and for good reason: it is much fun to play and relatively straightforward! And the main three features of rags are all here: (1.) syncopation; (2.) chromatics; and (3.) circle of fifths chord movement (the V of the V of V!!!). I discuss all of these components in detaiI. I present several arrangements of the tune plus a very fun accompaniment. 

The simpler arrangement should work well for the less experienced player. The more developed arrangement will present challenges for experienced players. The bass line in the A part is especially challenging – if you get going too fast, you might have to abandon it but it is worth giving it a try. This one is included in The Sandbridge Dance Tune book but I have updated it with the backup part and tweaked it a fair bit here and there. One of the main objectives here is how to pull off syncopation!

Updated July 2023

Here's What You Get:

$38 (Sheet music PLUS video lessons)

Sheet music for melody, backup, arrangements, and variations. Ken talks through the tune, chord choices, hammering patterns, backups, embellishments, arranging, play-throughs, and more on his dulcimer (shot from above so that you can see what he's doing).

Video Lessons Included:

  • Basic Tune
  • Chord Progression
  • Hammering (A part)
  • Hammering (B part)
  • Simple Backup
  • Backup (1st A part)
  • Backup (1st B part)
  • Backup (2nd A part)
  • Backup (2nd B part)
  • Arrangement #1 (A part)
  • Arrangement #1 (B part)
  • More Arranging Ideas (1st A part)
  • More Arranging Ideas (1st B part)
  • More Arranging Ideas (2nd A part)
  • More Arranging Ideas (2nd B part)
  • Play-through (from 2016)

 Approximate length: 114 minutes

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It's like having private mini-tutorials from Ken that you can watch over and over!

NOTE: Even if you already own the sheet music, your purchase ensures that you receive the latest updated versions, and future additions to new arranging ideas, backups and so forth as Ken experiments and develops his playing of the tune.

Thank you for your support - I hope you enjoy the tune! Please do not share your purchased music and videos.

Originally Recorded Fall 2016 Sandbridge VA; completely re-recorded Fall 2022 Baltimore MD

I want this!

East Tennessee Blues​ (Traditional, U.S.)

0 ratings
I want this!