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The Big Bundle! All 5 skills, theory, and backup modules

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These five modules are intended to provide a foundation for the more than 60 videos in the full series. In these modules, I cover a wide variety of hammered dulcimer playing techniques, the complete organization of the instrument, basic and more advanced chord theory, many root and inversion arpeggio patterns, the derivation of three note chords and the relationship to harmonizing a scale, various exercises, backup skills and more. 

Modules Included:

Ken's Fireside Theory Chat - 8 videos (68 minutes)

Of course, it is possible to play music without understanding all that much about the big picture. However, understanding keys, modes, how tunes are structured, how to form simple and more complex chords, and how chords move (chord progressions) all greatly increase one’s ability to create arrangements and learn, process, and retain music.

This discussion provides the minimum that you need to know. And for those more ambitious folks, I hope this discussion provides nearly everything you will ever want to know! 

NEW: Secondary Dominants Video added March 2018 + bonus "Chromatic Trick"

Hammered Dulcimer Fundamentals and Exercises - 6 videos (26 minutes)

Don’t be fooled by this ordinary title! There is a ton here. My experience is that even most intermediate and advanced players do not have a full grasp of the organization of the instrument. The videos provide a full explanation of the 12-page document “Map of the Dulcimer.” These videos along with “The Map” should provide years of exploration and discovery in order to achieve a full appreciation and understanding of the instrument. 

The Pachelbel Exercise: thinking chord progressions with inversions and root arpeggio patterns - 3 videos (42 minutes)

Most musicians come to realize that thinking chords is the pathway to mastering their instruments especially to develop arranging and improvisation skills. This exercise just about guarantees that you will think chords by the time you nail this conceptually simple (but challenging) exercise! 

I use the eight chords in The Canon to practice three forms of the chord progression. These patterns are critical to playing backup. And from these patterns, we explore the derivation of six three note chord patterns. I also describe how to harmonize a scale and why this is so vitally important to arranging: this is the concept that each note in a scale may be harmonized in predictable ways (given certain rules of harmony.)

Backup for 4/4 Tunes - 7 videos (31 minutes)

​Over the years, I have learned so much more from developing accompaniment parts and playing backup than from developing leads. In fact, backup is my favorite place to be, working in the chord progressions and in rhythm. In these videos, I offer many approaches to backing up tunes in 4/4 with a variety of vamps based on counting to four and to eight. I also include the “universal backup” which works in an amazing number of tunes!

Hammered Dulcimer Techniques - 23 videos (75 minutes)

In this series of videos, I present in detail many of the wide variety of the techniques that I use to embellish tunes. All of these ideas are described in The Sandbridge Dance Tune Collection. Working through these techniques will help you master the arrangements in the books and in the many videos presented in this series. There is a lot here!

47 videos in all!

***Videos can be streamed, downloaded, or viewed in the Gumroad App on mobile devices. Watch your email for instructions after purchase***

Thank you for your support - I hope you enjoy these videos and get a lot out of them! Please do not share your purchased music and videos.

Recorded June 2016 Fenchurch Studios, Baltimore MD & Fall 2014 at the Sandbridge Hammered Dulcimer Retreat

Additional recordings February 2018 Fenchurch Studios, Baltimore MD

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The Big Bundle! All 5 skills, theory, and backup modules

5 ratings
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