Beautiful Dreamer (Stephen Foster)

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This Stephen Foster favorite offers fantastic harmonization possibilities. I present two chord progressions: a more conventional approach and a very ambitious harmonization that includes circle of fifths chord movement, a chromatic bass line, secondary dominants, major 7ths, and suspensions. The lessons include extensive discussions about the decision-making for selecting each chord and how each chord functions. To communicate these alternate chord progressions, I present separate arrangements which use a wide variety of arranging techniques.   

Here's What You Get:

$38 (Sheet music PLUS all video lessons)

Sheet music for Melody, Arrangement #1, and Arranging Ideas (standard and alternate chords). Ken talks through the tune, chord choices, hammering patterns, backups, embellishments, arranging, play-throughs, and more on his dulcimer (shot from above so that you can see what he's doing).

Video Lessons Included:

  • Counting and the Basic Tune
  • Basic Tune by itself
  • Hammering for Melody
  • Chord Progression Intro
  • Chord Progression (Standard)
  • Chord Progression (Alternate)
  • Arrangement #1 Standard Chords (A part)
  • Arrangement #1 Standard Chords (B part)
  • Arrangement #1 Standard Chords (A prime)
  • Arrangement #1 Standard Chords Play-through
  • Arrangement #1 Alternate Chords (A part)
  • Arrangement #1 Alternate Chords (B part)
  • Arrangement #1 Alternate Chords (A Prime)
  • Arrangement #1 Alternate Chords Play-through
  • More Arranging Ideas (A part)
  • More Arranging Ideas (B part)
  • More Arranging Ideas (A prime)
  • Play-through

Approximate Length: 162 minutes

***Videos can be streamed, downloaded, or viewed in the Gumroad App on mobile devices. Watch your email for instructions after purchase***

It's like having private mini-tutorials from Ken that you can watch over and over!

NOTE: Even if you already own the sheet music, your purchase ensures that you receive the latest updated versions, and future additions to new arranging ideas, backups and so forth as Ken experiments and develops his playing of the tune.

Thank you for your support - I hope you enjoy the tune! Please do not share your purchased music and videos.

Recorded at Fenchurch Music Studio, Baltimore MD for the Sandbridge Hammered Dulcimer Retreat

I want this!

Beautiful Dreamer (Stephen Foster)

0 ratings
I want this!